Control Techniques & Leroy-Somer Demonstrate Openness and Flexibility at SPS Drives 2016

Control Techniques & Leroy-Somer are demonstrating the superior openness and connectivity of their innovative drive and motor ranges at this year’s SPS Drives exhibition (Nuremberg, Nov 22-24).

Open machine control from the Unidrive M range will share centre stage with class-leading drive and motor solutions for industry.

Unidrive M – industrial drives

Control Techniques’ Unidrive M family of drives continues to go from strength to strength. Connectivity and flexibility are now further enhanced thanks to the new inclusion of Profinet on-board the flagship Unidrive M700 drive. These advanced drives can now connect directly to Profinet-run systems, further increasing capabilities for users and allowing them to choose best-in-class products which integrate smoothly in one system.

Visitors to SPS Drives will also be able to explore the increased power on offer from the new larger frame 11 cabinets, along with the flexibility of Unidrive M’s new on-board web configurability, which enables setup of the drive via a web-page.

Unimotor & Digitax – servo motors and drives

Servo drive and motor technologies from Control Techniques and Leroy-Somer have also been enhanced. Unimotor fm servo motor now has the option of operating without the use of a dedicated feedback device. Working together with Unidrive M, sensorless motors excel in continuous duty applications.

Unidrive M is configured specifically to work with sensorless Unimotor fm motors, which also offers the advantage of being able to run pre-set speed or load profiles from an SD card.

The Digitax ST range has now also expanded to include a new version with integrated EtherCAT, further enhancing the drive’s capabilities to slot into existing installations. Combined with Unimotor hd servo motors, it is the perfect solution for applications requiring high levels of transient torque.

Single cable operation has also now been introduced to the Unimotor fm & Unimotor hd ranges. This allows for both power and data to be exchanged using a single cable, which decreases the connection time when new systems are being installed and halves the quantity of cables required. This significantly reduces the installation cost to the user.

IMfinity  - induction motors

The IMfinity latest generation of Leroy-Somer air-cooled induction motor range, renowned for its high quality level, has now expanded with the Liquid-Cooled (LC) series. Designed to withstand harsh environments and meet specific requirements, the LC motor range is a step forward to satisfy the most demanding customer expectations in terms of high reliability, energy savings, reduced noise level and ease of integration into their facilities.

Also on display will be the new "Flexible Concept" variable speed package, developed on the IMfinity induction motor platform, which combines the latest helical gears in the 3000 range with the high-performance Unidrive M drive. The new IMfinity FFB brake motor contributes to this development thanks to a wide range of options, such as encoders, forced ventilation, brake release and supervisory systems,  ensuring maximum flexibility and safety.

Dyneo – Permanent magnet synchronous drive systems and energy savings

The huge energy saving potential of motor applications, especially when implementing  synchronous magnet LSRPM or PLSRPM motors in the Dyneo range combined with the high power ready-to-use Powerdrive MD2 variable speed drive, will also be demonstrated. So will be the award-winning Energy Savings Advisor application, which enables  customers to precisely create simulation of either induction or permanent magnet synchronous technology in fixed speed or variable speed to make applications more efficient and save money.