Control Techniques – The All Round Drives And Automation Choice For Test Bench Technology

Control Techniques, and its sister company Leroy Somer Motors, are the tried and tested first choice for drives and motors worldwide for automotive test bench applications.

Applications include testing possibilities for:-

· Rolling road and road simulation

· Engines and electric motors

· Transmission, gearbox and prop shaft

· Brakes

· End of Line

· Material testing

· Hybrid vehicle systems

· Alternators and other auxiliaries

· Product balance

· Noise harshness and vibration

· Wind tunnels

· Battery simulation

· Full power train

· Performance testing and exhaust gas analysis

 Recently, there has been considerable interest in the provision of inverter based, DC source, electric vehicle test benches, a design that dramatically reduces power consumed from the grid.

The power train on hybrid and electrically powered vehicles comprising the vehicle inverter, motor/ engine and transmission/ gearbox, can be tested as a complete system using the Unidrive SP range of products, which are all connected in a common DC bus configuration which allows regenerated power (during braking for instance) to be re-circulated.

For a given installed motor power, this means that the grid connected inverter’s power rating is minimised saving capital as well as energy costs.  A key feature of the system is that all control loops are synchronised which significantly reduces the risk of system resonances.

All drives used in these types of applications are mass produced Control Techniques’ production line units and offer superb energy efficiency, high control precision with low ripple voltage and current and world-beating reliability