Interview Discussing Emerson Grid-Tie Inverters

An Emerson employee discusses the Emerson SPV range of transformerless central inverters for PV systems from 145kVAp to 1590kVAp. They highlight benefits such as maximising yield --through a combination of the best efficiency, the maximum number of operating hours a day, best possible maximum power point tracker and a reliability that comes from a proven, stable design -- all of which gives the most competitive Return on Investment. Emerson Inverters are installed in many large scale PV plants around the world, the largest to date rated 58 MW DC power output. PV Operators and Financiers alike can be confident in the future, knowing Emerson is a $21 billion turnover, Fortune 500 global manufacturing company, which brings innovative technological solutions to our customers. With 127,000 employees worldwide, 265 manufacturing facilities and a strong balance sheet, Emerson is a truly bankable partner.