Drives and Motors Services

Customized local services and round-the-clock support
We provide a range of expert local services tailored to meet our customers’ expanding productivity, performance and process safety needs, while guaranteeing an exceptional response to emergency situations with round-the-clock support.
Audit and consultation
Our auditing services are designed to analyse your existing products, applications and processes to identify opportunities for improving performance, energy efficiency and the lifetime of equipment. This ultimately optimizes your operating costs.
Industry-leading install base audits
Audits determine the best method of improving your existing system, such as retrofitting equipment or an entire system upgrade. Reports are written in close partnership with you, detailing:
  • Best service advice for maintaining your systems under optimum conditions
  • An evaluation of the return on investment (ROI), helping to justify your initial outlay
  • Compliance objectives by reducing harmonic distortion and EMC interference
  • Status of stock obsolescence
Optimizing energy savings and payback
Once potential energy savings have been identified, we commit to calculated payback periods, while obtaining the Energy Saving Certificates your business requires. We will also provide a high yield installation and maintenance schedule to ensure optimum performance is maintained through the lifetime of your equipment.
Retrofit and system upgrades
Where required, existing hardware is retrofitted quickly and easily, reducing downtime and investment. Alternatively we can produce high performance solutions to upgrade your production processes, improving productivity. A dedicated team takes care of the whole project implementation, along with training and maintenance schedules.
Installation and commissioning
Our objective is to ensure the reliability and safety of your equipment for optimum longevity:
  • Our accredited personnel ensure systems are installed in compliance with local technical regulations and safety standards
  • Our world class onsite commissioning ensures systems are set-up thoroughly and rapidly
  • Extended system guarantees of up to 48 months are available
Comprehensive training
Comprehensive training is readily available through scheduled academy programs at local training centers. We also offer tailored training classes for your specific application which can be held at your facility for designers, programmers, maintenance and operation staff.
All our maintenance policies, whether emergency or scheduled, are designed to meet your specific requirements, minimizing disruption and downtime to your operation.
  • Emergency services include 24/7 telephone and web support, on-site technical assistance, express round-the-clock delivery of products & spare parts and urgent repairs.
  • For ongoing maintenance work, we can manage product replacements, retrofits and upgrades rapidly through our assembly centres
  • Maintenance contracts are available to ensure the proper running of your equipment
Services are optimized on a country-by-country basis, so please contact your local sales contact for full details of our local offering.