Drives & Motors Technology

Reliable motor and drive technologies that maximize energy savings and performance
Electric motors account for nearly 70% of the electricity used by industry. Our highly reliable drives and motors solutions are developed together to maximize energy savings and performance:
  • Patented Dyneo® solutions combine Permanent Magnet motor and variable speed drive technologies, offering industry leading levels of efficiency.
  • Unidrive M dedicated manufacturing automation drive family has defined feature-sets to optimize performance and productivity across a wide range of applications.
  • Unimotor hd is a dynamic brushless AC servo motor range, designed for operation with our high performance drives, providing a high peak torque, low inertia automation solution for complex applications.
AC drives up to 2.8 MW (4,200 hp)
DC drives up to 7,400 A
Servo drives up to 19.3 Nm (14.2 lb.ft)
Asynchronous AC motors up to 2 MW
Dyneo ® Permanent Magnet motors up to 600 kW
Servo motors up to 150 Nm [450 Nm peak mode]
DC motors up to 750 kW

Geared Motors
From 30 to 23 000 Nm, the range of geared motor technologies satisfies the demands of industrial processes for normal or special environments.

  • Helical gears
  • Helical bevel gears
  • Worm gears
  • Low backlash worm and planetary servogears

Brake Motors
From 0.06 to 160 kW, the range of brake induction motors are used for intermittent duty, emergency stops or for holding a device under load. They are designed to operate in normal or special environments.

  • Safety
  • Parking
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