Original Equipment Manufacturer Solutions

Developing joint business strategies and industrial solutions with OEMs to deliver unique customer value

With many years of experience working closely with local and global OEMs, we strongly believe in the value of partnerships. We have mutually developed automation products and solutions for a wide range of manufacturing and process applications across many industries.

Our vision is to:

  • Deliver unique customer-specific value 
  • That is sustainable and leveraged
  • Resulting in joint profitable growth

Our strategy is to:

  • Accelerate our customers’ growth & profitability utilizing our motor & drive solutions 
  • Align with our customers’ globalization
  • Work and grow with new OEMs across many focussed industries
  • Take into account current megatrends

The scope is to work closely with OEMs, who are:

  • Willing to work as partners
  • Prepared to jointly develop products & solutions 
  • Looking for variable speed technologies to differentiate their market offer


Meeting business challenges through shared experience

Crucial to developing technologies and business strategy to successfully meet market requirements, we connect with you at a deep level to:

  • Understand your unique pains & priorities, such as:
    • Market pressures including governmental regulations, old products, strong competition
    • Your business objectives & strategies 
    • Analyzing the challenges in achieving strategies 
  • Incorporate our focused industrial expertise & appropriate level of organizational resources
  • Jointly develop and quantify a unique solution:
    • Propose & share a joint vision with our customer
    • Confirm & refine the vision & its value
    • Gain consensus & commitment from the OEM’s organization
  • Use our proven new product development process to: 
    • Deliver the agreed solution from design to life-cycle management
    • Design break-through technologies
    • Provide operational and logistical support
    • Meet all required standards 
  • Meet joint business goals, that:
    • Build trust & long-term partnerships 
    • Benefit both parties  
    • Deliver value to our customers, and our customer’s customers 
    • Provide an enhanced user experience
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