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Highly precise, safe and silent technology for theatre and entertainment applications

Automation in stage and entertainment is constantly evolving, reaching higher levels of performance and creating ever-more complex motion and synchronization with scenery, props, lighting and sound. It is actually helping to shape the possibilities of dramatic effect in theatrical and amusement park installations. Also, it ensures the safety of performers and audiences in many indoor and outdoor venues, on land and even at sea.

We are key players in this expanding market, where participants benefit from the advantages of automating venues and performances.

These range from:

  • Optimizing the dramatic effects of new technology through improved accuracy and synchronized movements of scenery, light and sound 
  • Silent operation of automation equipment during performances
  • Increased safety systems where people and heavy moving parts are in close proximity
  • Maximizing the capacity of venues with more stage performances possible and quicker production changeovers
  • Modularization and distributed control of stage solutions to maximize flexibility and touring capabilities
  • Enhancing reliability and repeatability of equipment
  • Easier and reduced maintenance of stage effects
  • Compact equipment in locations where space is at a premium


Driving technology advances in stage automation

Our products are particularly appropriate for theatre applications, providing low acoustic noise operation and suitable bus systems for multi-drive networks with extensive communication capabilities for easy connectivity to overall control systems. Programmability of applications and onboard intelligence enables:

  • Customized software for tailored operation
  • Digital synchronization with load sharing for turning stages
  • Switching between automatic (via analog input or bus) and emergency operation via preset speeds

We also provide special application solutions, such as digital lock with position balancing for lifting platforms or help with complex motion and automation of stage scenery. Distributed control within modular systems also helps to make our solutions compact, flexible and transportable.


Typical applications

  • Stage and scenery automation for theatres, cruise ships and touring performances, such as:
    • Upper and lower stage machinery
    • Podium/platform control
    • Lighting rigging and array automation
    • Co-ordination of multiple screens/video backdrops
    • Stage elevators
    • Rotary platforms
    • Flexible coordinated winch control ranging from heavy scenery movements to flying actors
    • Mobile stage constructions
    • Safety curtain control
  • Sports simulators
  • Theme park rides
  • Cable cars


Related products:

0.25 kW to 2.8 MW  (0.33 - 4,200 hp)
100 V / 200 V / 400 V / 575 V / 690 V
0.72 Nm to 85.0 Nm (255.0 Nm peak)
[0.5 – 62.7 lb.ft (188.1 lb.ft peak)]

LSRPM & PLSRPM Dyneo motor ranges
IP 55 or IP 23, 0.75 - 500 kW (1 – 680 hp), Up to 5500 rpm​

FFB Brake motors
Non IE, LSES IE2, IE3, 50 & 60 Hz, 4.5 – 200 Nm (3.3 – 147.5 lb.ft), Up to 22 kW (30 hp)
Helical bevel and worm geared motor ranges
Up to 23,000 Nm (16,961.7 lb.ft)
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