Marine Applications

 Marine Applications

Providing dynamic, efficient and certified solutions for marine applications

Control Techniques & Leroy-Somer have long been key players for providing products, solutions and services for a wide range of applications in the marine industry, covering naval, merchant and pleasure vessels.
We provide expertise and leading technology for a large number of partners including vessel owners, ship builders and OEMs/system integrators, with the aim of helping you maximize the performance and efficiency in your marine operations. Our products and systems are designed to naval standards and adhere to specific marine certification regulations.
Fully engineered systems for propulsion, deck machinery and fuel optimization
With vast experience in marine project management, engineering design, commissioning and training, we are a single source supplier of all electrical components and project services for innovative and reliable:
  • Energy saving and low-to-zero emission electric and hybrid propulsion systems (including full electric propulsion when entering harbor)
  • High performance and safe deck machinery, including anchor and mooring winches, as well as pipe laying equipment including tensioners and various winches (traction, storage and umbilical)
  • Efficient onboard grid, pump, compressor and fan systems

Covering both new and retrofit applications, project timescales and costs are minimized, with easy integration with ship wheel house control systems assured with our multiple Ethernet and fieldbus communications protocols.

Innovation and reliability customized to vessel requirements
Our marine systems are flexible and customized to the exact requirements of your vessel, ensuring maximum performance and functionality from our core drive, motor and alternator technology. Reliability is guaranteed with innovative load testing on propulsion systems prior to installation. Products can be adapted to specific marine and submarine requirements such as high shock resistance and EMC protection to military levels, while noise and vibration are minimized, ensuring occupant and ride comfort.
Global expertize perfectly executed at local level
We have a group within our organization that is dedicated to designing, managing and implementing global solutions projects. This allows us to leverage and mobilize our worldwide marine expertize and automation knowledge across every project. Dedicated local teams based at our Automation Centers ensure each stage is perfectly executed, providing:
  • Specific marine application-focused solutions optimized for reliable and maximum operation
  • Highly skilled propulsion system and winch control designs to create innovative and fuel saving solutions
  • Maintenance and trouble-free operation
  • Flexibility for future vessel requirements and developments
  • Compliance of full system to required marine certification


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High-power variable speed solutions 45 to 2800 kW

LSRPM & PLSRPM Dyneo motor ranges
IP 55 or IP 23, 0.75 to 500 kW, up to 5500 rpm​

Unidrive M - AC and Servo Drive Family
0.25 kW to 2.8 MW, (1.0 - 4,200 hp), 200 V / 400 V / 575 V / 690 V

Three phase induction motors
IE1 – IE2 – IE3 efficiency class, IP55 or IP23 – 0.045 to 900 kW​

Three phase induction motors with liquid cooling

IE3, IP55, 56, 65, 150 to 1,500 kW
315 - 500 mm
2, 4, 6 poles

Low voltage alternators for Marine requirements

Up to 20 MW (26,800 hp)

1.1 kW – 2.8 MW (1.5 - 4,200 hp) | 200 V / 400 V / 575 V / 690 V

Bevel helical gearmotors orthogonal output - ORTHOBLOC 3000

Up to 23 000 Nm

Marine Applications
Marine Applications
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Marine Applications