Industry 4.0

What is Industry 4.0? 

Industry 4.0 is about making your machines totally connected so that all sensors share all data constantly to optimize and improve production. Our technology can harness all information from existing component sensors by acting as a hub for data gathering. This allows predictive maintenance and machine optimization. Data can also be analyzed to improve the design of future machines.
Continuous connectivity can allow business models to be reconfigured through the use of big data. For example, customers can be charged per unit produced instead of the price for the machine, while service costs can be reduced through remote support contracts.
Industry 4.0 can also facilitate mass customization. Photo printers and automotive manufacturers are examples of businesses that offer mass customization, such as configuring bespoke photobooks or choosing the specification of a new car. As 3D printing becomes mainstream, it will extend the possibilities to virtually infinite combinations.
Are you ready for Industry 4.0? Using big data Enhancing safety
A key part of Industry 4.0 is the ability to acquire and process data from sensors and intelligent devices embedded within machines or processes.
This data is converted into useful information for diverse applications, such as predictive diagnostics, process optimization and machine-to-machine integration.
Our intelligent drive and motor solutions play a key role in collecting information and providing the first line of processing:
  • Our drives and motors enable smarter energy use by measuring and optimizing consumption;
  • Our drives are frequently connected to process-critical external sensors such as flow, temperature and position;
  • The drives also generate critical process information such as speed, torque, current and temperature;
  • Digital encoders provide data to enable automatic drive configuration and measure motor speed, position, vibration and temperature;
  • SD memory card support allows efficient and expansive data aggregation;
  • Onboard control, using industry standard programming, enables fast localized decision making;
  • All key industrial Ethernet protocols are supported, allowing easy and open communication across a factory;
  • Our drive and motor systems can communicate across the internet, or across a private global network, for remote monitoring and diagnostics.
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Industry 4.0 - Drive and motor solutions
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Industry 4.0 Infographic
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