Industrial Refrigeration

Optimum Efficiency for Industrial Refrigeration Solutions

Control Techniques & Leroy-Somer provide highly reliable and environmentally friendly industrial refrigeration solutions which can significantly reduce energy bills. This is achieved using high-efficiency Dyneo® synchronous permanent magnet motors, associated variable speed drives and energy optimization services.
Scalable industrial refrigeration installations
Along with variable speed permanent magnet technology for compressors, we offer comprehensive automation solutions for the whole industrial refrigeration system. This includes innovative, robust and compact variable speed drives, soft starters, synchronous and asynchronous motors for highly efficient condenser, evaporator fan and pump applications. Our products integrate easily with system components with onboard and optional features, such as PLC functionality, communications, additional I/O and intuitive HMIs.
Easily meet energy management standards
Our industry expertise and high performance products, that use the latest microprocessor technology, allow us to create industrial solutions that exceed the levels required in ISO 50001 (Energy Management) standard and seasonal performance part load efficiency legislation (SEER). Typical installations see large increases in COP (Coefficient of Performance) of around 15%, resulting in huge energy savings and lower life cycle costs, with the return on investment often less than 12 months.
Global support servicelobal support service
We are with you at all stages of your project, with local technical and sales contacts that provide you with the knowledge, support and confidence to deal with any project need:
  • Rapidly sourcing automation equipment and components for your installation
  • Providing dedicated all hours industrial refrigeration technical support
  • System training, available from widespread locations or even at your site
  • Maintenance servicing to ensure maximum performance and trouble-free operation for the life-time of the system

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PowerDrive MD2
High-power variable speed solutions 45 to 2800 kW
Dyneo motor

LSRPM & PLSRPM Dyneo motor ranges
IP 55 or IP 23, 3 to 500 kW, up to 5500 rpm​

Unidrive m

Unidrive M - AC and Servo Drive Family for Industrial Applications
0.25 kW to 2.8 MW, (0.33 - 4,200 hp), 200 V / 400 V / 575 V / 690 V

Digistart Digistart soft starters and electronic controllers
18 A to 1600 A
induction motors

Three phase induction motors
IE1 – IE2 – IE3  IE4 efficiency class, IP55 or IP23 – 0.09 to 1500 kW​


three phase induction motors
Three phase induction motors with liquid cooling
IE3, IP55, 56, 65, 150 to 1,500 kW
315 - 500 mm
2, 4, 6 poles
Industrial Refrigeration Brochure

Industrial Refrigeration Solutions
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Industrial Refrigeration Brochure
Industrial Refrigeration Brochure
Drives & Motors for Industrial Refrigeration
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Industrial Refrigeration Brochure
Dyneo Drive System for Refrigeration
Dyneo® Drive System for Refrigeration
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