Elevator Solutions

Elevator Solutions
The market leader in dedicated elevator drive and motor technology
With over 3 million elevators in operation using our control equipment, we have an extensive portfolio of applications and partnerships with leading system providers.
Our global network of Automation Centers provide: 
  • Local expertise
  • Full support for the lifetime of your application 
  • Quick delivery of robust and dependable products
Drive and motor solutions to match all elevator requirements
Our dedicated elevator packages include matched drives, motors and options for any size of building; from residential to high rise, up to 5,000 kg & 5 m/s.
Our product combinations are easy to select, install and set-up, with minimal maintenance. Smooth, reliable and quiet operation mean that our drives and motors have become the products of choice for modern elevator systems, with industry-leading ride comfort. 
Simple selection & system design
  • Fully flexible control interface
  • 15 different encoder types supported as standard
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) functionality provides a sure method for preventing the motor from being driven, removing the need for output motor contactors
  • Brake Control Unit (BCU) removes the need for an external power supply unit (PSU) power cut-off, brake contactors and relay 
  • Compliance with EN81-20
  • Reduced EMC issues & acoustic noise
  • Minimized cabinet space & lower system costs
  • Improved system reliability

Quick set-up

  • Lightweight drive and motor chassis for easy handling
  • Fast motor connectors for power supply to motor, brakes, encoder & thermal sensor
  • Pluggable drive control and power (up to 22 kW) wiring terminals
  • Flexible drive mounting options to optimize enclosure space
  • Easy motor set-up with full access to sheave and traction ropes

Easy optimization

  • Elevator specific menu structure for quick optimization
  • Static autotune for encoder offset detection and optimum current loop configuration 
  • Parameter storage and cloning with SD cards for quick drive configuration
  • PC tools provide graphic interface to quickly fine-tune your elevator system

Class leading performance and maintenance support

  • Simplified drive diagnostics as trip codes are fully enumerated, with last 10 recorded in the drive, with option to time and date stamp
  • Quiet operation with high switching frequencies and intelligent thermal management 
  • Built in data logger acts as flight recorder; user-configurable to monitor any parameter
  • Sleep mode to minimize energy consumption during quiet traffic periods
  • Blocked cabin release function negates the need for human entrance into shaft after emergency brakes have been deployed

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200 V, 400 V, 575 V
Synchronous gearless motors for elevators
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Elevator Solutions
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