Industry Solutions

Industry-specific optimized solutions

While our high quality products have been proven in thousands of applications worldwide in terms of performance and reliability, another core strength is our focus on specific industries within manufacturing and process sectors. A huge amount of research in carefully defined markets, backed by leveraging our vast engineering insight and expertise, allows us to develop optimized and exact drive and motor solutions for the individual requirements of every customer application.

Industry 4.0 is about making your machines totally connected so that all sensors share all data constantly to optimize and improve production.
Smooth, silent and reliable. Emerson’s dedicated elevator drives and motors ensure the most comfortable ride.
Control Techniques & Leroy-Somer's Manufacturing Automation drives matched to dynamic servo motors and gears deliver high performance electronic synchronization between axes to optimize machine throughput.
The Dyneo® permanent magnet motor and dedicated variable speed drive solution will significantly improve the Coefficient Of Performance (COP) of your installation.
Reliable and fully engineered solutions for propulsion systems, deck machinery, onboard power generation and fuel optimization, with certified compliance to marine classification societies.
Maximize your productivity and product quality through precise automation control from high performance Control Techniques & Leroy-Somer drives and motors.
Control Techniques & Leroy-Somer’s integrated, customized and high power variable speed drive solutions ensure reliable, efficient and improved oil well production.
Our control solutions for packaging machines deliver maximum production flexibility and throughput, thanks to intelligent drive technologies and precision electronic synchronization.
Our variable speed modular drives, high-efficiency motors and dedicated Crane Management System provide fault tolerant port crane solutions that increase energy and fuel savings.
Innovative and high quality print solutions from Control Techniques & Leroy-Somer deliver more flexibility, higher speed and lower cost.
High performance solutions for increasing product quality and throughput while reducing energy consumption.
Highly precise, safe and silent technology for theatre applications, theme park rides and sport simulators.
Fully engineered, high performance and energy efficient control systems for automotive, aircraft and generic test equipment that provide highly accurate, realistic and reliable results