Leroy-Somer Electric Power Generation helps get the Saran MSW incineration plant up and running again after the floods of 2016
Leroy-Somer alternators equip the emergency and cogeneration power generation systems of the City of Ghent St Luke Hospital
Leroy-Somer provides critical backup power to an ambitious healthcare program in West Bengal.
​SAPMER’S -40°C deep freeze tuna purse seiner with a diesel electric propulsion system powered by Leroy-Somer alternators
The largest cruise ship in the world powered by 6 Leroy-Somer alternators for diesel-electric propulsion and amenities for up to 5,400 guests.
Leroy-Somer participates in the Frédet-Bergès hydro plant new development for GEG - Gaz Electricité de Grenoble.
​​Leroy-Somer - Kato Engineering