Leroy-Somer D510C digital Automatic Voltage Regulator Rev. C

The Leroy-Somer D510C digital AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) was updated on January 2015 with enhanced features and software improvements, among them the embedded grid code feature which is defined as follow:

In Power Factor (PF) regulation mode, the AVR will switch from a PF regulation to a voltage regulation when the voltage becomes lower than 90% or higher than 110% of the alternator nominal voltage, in order to sustain the grid. This function is applicable for either 2-phase fault or 3-phase fault.
The PID parameters remain unchanged for the different regulation modes.

This update doesn’t affect the performances of​​ the D510C during any Fault Ride Through (FRT) event. Consequently all Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) tests carried out with the previous firmware remain valid and there is no need to repeat the tests with this new release.

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Download the Update Notice : Leroy-Somer-D510c-grid-code-upda​te_EN.pdf​​​​​


Leroy-Somer D510c