Leroy-Somer Services

Leroy-Somer's services are available worldwide;
we provide continuous support and assistance through our international network of sales and service subsidiaries, as well as our dedicated service teams assigned to our alternator manufacturing sites.

Our teams specialise in many areas of servicing :

  • new equipment installations: provision of the alternator and its voltage regulator, control cabinet, protection devices and synchronisation
  • on-site assembly: assembling equipment on-site; reassembling large alternators if access is restricted or limited hoisting equipment is available
  • commissioning: alternator starting, digital or analogue regulator settings, vibration and temperature control
  • product updates: harmonising the installed base, rationalising spare parts, modernising machines, new grid codes
  • remedial maintenance: repairs on-site or in specialist workshops
  • predictive maintenance: winding checks, thermal analysis, vibration monitoring, online diagnostics, maintenance contracts.