Turbine Generators

 Turbine Generators

Turbine Generators

Kato Engineering generators for gas & steam turbines are designed for efficiency and durability for use in demanding industrial applications. They operate with extremely low levels of vibration, can be easily sound-attenuated and require minimal maintenance.

For high efficiency, KATO™ turbine generator cores are constructed with high-grade electrical steel. The turbine designs also emphasize reduction of losses from friction and windage. An extremely stiff construction and sleeve bearings help meet low vibration requirements.

Kato Engineering also has state-of-the-industry seismic test bases and monitoring equipment to ensure low vibration levels. The bearings and a circulating oil system boost KATO™ turbine generator reliability. We offer a wide range of cooling options and, for petroleum applications, Kato Engineering can meet ATEX hazerdous application and API-546 requirements.

Enclosures: Open drip proof is standard, with the following options available:

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