Nidec Power Generation offers global OEMs a complete range of solutions, with alternators available from 5kW up to 25 MW, M-G sets, and controls.

Our two brands, LEROY-SOMER and KATO™, are used by industry leaders worldwide to improve their low, medium and high voltage alternators performance and provide:

  • Prime, stand-by or peak shaving power
  • Frequency conversion or line conditioning
  • Adapted solutions for complex
  • Power solutions for all types of applications and industries

LEROY-SOMER offers two major product ranges:

  • Industrial range from 105kW to 3.6MW, including low voltage 4 & 6 pole products, manufactured worldwide and dedicated to gensets driven by diesel and gas engines;  
  • Designed To Order range from 2 to 20MW, including Low, Medium and High voltage 4 to 20 pole products, manufactured in Europe and China, and dedicated mainly to EMEA, Asia for power stations driven by Diesel & Gas engines or Gas & Steam turbines; Specific alternators for Wind & Hydro turbines are offered worldwide.

KATO solutions are application focused and as a global design leader in high efficiency generators, we can provide 200kW to 25MW design to order products to meet the needs of demanding applications such as petroleum, locomotive, aviation, nuclear, etc.

Backed by 24/7 technical support and a global support network, our alternators provide reduced downtime, increased profitability and reliable power.

Leroy-Somer / Kato Engineering 

All-new LSA 49.3 alternator ​