Mentor MP

Mentor MP - High performance DC drive solution platform

25A to 7400A Two or four quadrant operation (regenerative)

24V - 480V / 500V - 575V / 500V - 690V

Mentor MP brings DC drive technology up to date, enabling existing and new DC motors to provide economic and productive service. DC drive technology remains cost effective, efficient and is relatively simple to implement. For new applications DC provides many advantages, especially for regenerative and high power applications.

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Flexible system integration

Mentor MP is a modern DC drive that is based on Control Techniques current AC drive technology, this means that Mentor MP inherits the system integration flexibility, such as:

  • Three option module slots for automation control, I/O, feedback devices and communications
  • Smart card for PLC program and parameter storage
  • Software tools for easy configuration and monitoring

Technology for reliability and performance

Mentor MP takes a step forward in performance, robustness and reliability:

  • High performance motor control:
    • 32 bit microprocessor
    • 35μs current sampling time
    • Speed controller and ramps update 250μs
    • Auto tune features for armature, field current loops and speed loop
  • Galvanic isolation between power and control protects the control circuits and other equipment connected to the drive from the high voltages on the power circuit. This feature is unique on DC drives and is protected by a patent pending
  • Protection system against poor industrial power supplies and lightning strikes
  • Integrated drive and motor protection for:
    • Over current
    • Over temperature
    • Phase loss
    • SCR/Thyristor junction temperature
    • Feedback loss
    • Field loss
    • Armature open circuit

Flexible field control

Internal field controller with intelligent field weakening means that  90% of applications require no additional external controller:

  • Integrated field control on frame size 1 to 8A
  • Integrated field control on frame size 2 to 20A
  • Flux control for enhanced open loop performance
  • External FXMP25 field control to 25A 

Easy upgrade

Mentor MP has been designed to be an easy upgrade for Mentor II. It has the same physical dimensions and power connection layout. Software tools have been developed to easily migrate to the new platform.

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