7S Series Cord Reelites

General Duty Cord Reel with Continuous 360° Swiveling Action.
Available With or Without Handlamps.

  • NEC/CEC:
    UL Listed
    CSA Listed
    Meets OSHA requirements

7S Series Reelites® provide safe, convenient retractable cord for powering portable lighting, power supplies and general utility service. Constructed of powder coated steel and an oil-resistant, high visibility yellow cord, these Reelites are affordable and durable for general duty use. An automatic cord locking ratchet makes it easy to pull and maintain the exact cord length you need for any job.

Models are available with cord only, or with a variety of handlamps either switched at the handle or automatically switched with operation of the reel itself. The 7S and 7SV Series come standard with a 360° continuous swivel feature that delivers power where you need it without tangling or power interruption. The 7SV Series includes an enclosed and gasketed NEMA 4X handlamp.

7S Continuous Swivel Series Extension Cord Reelites Catalog Pages

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  • Dry locations
  • Commercial and light industrial locations
  • Portable power for handlamps and general utility service


7S Continuous Swivel and 7P Portable Series Extension Cord Reelites