Cord and Cable Reels

Appleton Group’s cable Reelites® are precisely engineered machines designed to safely and conveniently store, pay out, and automatically rewind electrical cable while permitting an uninterrupted flow of electrical power or control signals to moving machines or equipment.

Appleton Group provides general duty, heavy duty, weather protected and explosionproof models to cover an extensive range of applications, including vertical lift, lift/balance, horizontal suspension, pick-up, and drag. Special purpose solutions are available such as static discharge grounding Reelites, traveling hoist Reelites, power and control Reelites for suspending heavy equipment, and 360° swivel arms for powering revolving equipment.

Appleton Group’s general duty Reelites are used for a range of applications, options include wall or ceiling mounting, ratcheting and non-ratcheting action, automatic On-Off switching, handlamp or unterminated cord, fuse brackets, and ball stops
Appleton Group’s NEC and CEC Listed heavy duty reel are designed for heavy duty use in commercial and industrial areas. They feature all steel construction and a selection of 3- and 4-conductor cords rated up to 250 Volts and 15 Amps
Appleton Group’s NEC and CEC explosionproof reels deliver safe, reliable power and control signals to moving equipment in locations that may be exposed to flammable vapors, gases or combustible dusts
Appleton Group’s NEC and CEC weather protected Reelites deliver power or control signals to moving equipment, indoors or outdoors. Cables are available in a wide variety of conductor sizes and numbers