NEC, CEC Ordinary Location

Ordinary Location Plugs and Receptacles

Appleton Group offers a versatile selection of NEC and CEC plugs and receptacles for use in ordinary locations. They include metallic and nonmetallic options, interlocked switched designs, fused and non-fused models, special polarization pin configurations and more. Whatever the amperage of your equipment – and whatever type of harsh environment, hosedown requirements or abrasive chemicals your equipment is exposed to – Appleton Group has the right plugs and receptacles to power it.

WSR and WSRD Interlocked Receptacles are UL and CSA Listed for use in applications that requires safe, weatherproof and corrosion resistant electrical connections with no danger of accidental plug removal or external arcing
Appleton’s Powertite Series plugs, connectors and receptacles are available in 30 to 400 Amp models. They are UL and CSA Listed for use in ordinary and hazardous locations to provide safe, reliable power for any fixed or portable heavy duty equipment
Appleton's M-Line Series MN multi-pin connectors are ETL Listed to UL and CSA Standards. They provide safe, reliable connections for power, control or instrumentation for fixed or portable heavy duty equipment
Appleton’s CSA Certified IDSR interlocked switched receptacle is available in 30, 60 and 100 Amp fused and non-fused models
Appleton's ASR Nonmetallic Interlocked Receptacles are cUL Listed. Available in either 30 or 60 Amps, they feature a compact design that still provides ample interior room for installation and service


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