U-Line 20 Amp Plugs and Receptacles

Explosionproof and Dust-Ignitionproof.
Factory Sealed. Dead Front Safety Construction.

Choice of Aluminum or Thermoplastic Polyester Plug.

  • NEC/CEC:
    Class I, Division 1 and 2 Groups B*, C, D
    Class II, Division 1 and 2 Groups F, G
    Class III
    NEMA 3, 3R, 7BCD, 9FG

U-Line® plugs and receptacles allow the use of electrical equipment in hazardous locations. In non-hazardous locations, the U-Line ECP plug fits into standard NEMA 5-20R and 6-20R receptacles. In hazardous locations, the same U-Line plug is the key to energizing the explosionproof U-Line receptacle.

Although U-Line plugs can be used with ordinary receptacles, U-Line receptacles are designed so that they can’t be energized by an ordinary plug—ensuring that only safe connections can be made in a hazardous location. It’s an convenient, time- and money-saving solution for handheld tools, lighting and other equipment that might be used in both ordinary and hazardous locations.

When using a U-Line plug in an explosionproof U-Line receptacle, a twist of the plug makes electrical contact and locks the plug in place with an audible click. The neoprene gasket in the throat of the receptacle seals against the plug or the spring-loaded cover to seal out water, dust and corrosive compounds. 

U-Line® Factory Sealed 20 Amp Plugs and Receptacles Catalog Pages

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  • Lighting systems, heaters, motor generator sets, air conditioners, compressors, pumps and other portable and stationary equipment using 20 Amp power
  • Damp or corrosive environments
  • Class I and Class II hazardous environments in which ignitable vapors or dust hazards may be present
  • Equipment that is used in both ordinary and hazardous locations
* Single gang models



U-Line Factory Sealed 20 Amp Plugs and Receptacles

Appleton U-Line Portable GFCI Flyer 

Appleton U-Line Portable GFCI Flyer