Industrial Firestop Solutions

Nelson Firestop has developed different firestop products to cover a range of needed applications.  No one product will work for all applications. Some products, such as the silicone based caulk (CLK) may be more resistant to water tha​​​n a latex based caulk.  Other products may be desired due to the ability to re-penetrate an opening to add or change out communications cables that constantly require changes.

There are a variety of possible firestop applications within a building.  These could be construction joints as well as a variety of through penetration firestop applications. 

A firestop system is a specific construction consisting of a rated wall or floor assembly, a penetrating item passing through an opening in the wall or floor assembly, and the materials designed to prevent the spread of fire through the openings.   It may also be a variety of joint systems between walls or floors.

Nelson Firestop composite sheets are used to seal penetrations and maintain the rating of fire rated floors or walls. Suited for cable tray penetrations, large floor or wall openings, and other cable systems they are available in a variety of sizes
Nelson Firestop mineral wool is used in many Firestop Systems in conjunction with various Firestop Sealants to assure the integrity of the fire rated seal against the spread of fire, smoke and gasses
Nelson Firestop FSC cable coating, FSC3 joint coating and CMP compound are all used to provide a fire protective coating for cables, floor and other areas needing sealing
Nelson Firestop Putty (FSP) is easy to install putty that inhibits the passage of smoke and flame through penetrations and joints
Nelson Firestop provides silicone, elastometric and latex sealants for protecting against the spread of fire, smoke, gases and water
Nelson Firestop pipe choke system (PCS) is designed to expand to seal voids created from fire exposure to penetrations of combustible pipes. It is maintains the rating of fire rated floors and walls
Nelson Firestop PLW pillows and fire bricks are used for cable, cable tray and other penetrations or for temporary firestop closures by preventing the penetration of fire