Hazardous Firestop Solutions

Nelson Firstop Multi-Cable transit is based on a simple but effective design. It consists of a rectangular metal frame suitable for floor or wall installation, which is available in single or multiple units. Each frame contains an arrangement of Tecron™ elastomer modules grooved to fit snugly around cables, pipes, or conduits passing through the frame. The intumescent Tecron™ modules expand when exposed to heat, providing a continuous seal even if cable jackets disintegrate. The entire assembly within each frame is locked in position to prevent dislodgment and the spread of fire and the products of combustion.

Nelson Firestop MCT multi-cable transit system is a mechanical cable and pipe sealing system for use in commercial building wall floor penetrations and in marine bulkhead and deck applications. Provides protection from fire smoke water and blast pressures
Nelson Firestop MPS multi-plug system is a fire rated, environmental cable sealing system with molded Tecron rubber plugs for use in pipe sleeves or cast round openings. provides protection from fire, smoke, water and blast pressures