Visual Signaling

Visual Signaling.

Visual signaling devices make environments safer for the people working in them. They use lights to ensure that warning can be identified in areas where an audible signal cannot be heard. They are used to warn of unsafe conditions and other communication needs in both hazardous and nonhazardous locations. Whether your environment needs a flameproof strobe or beacon that meets ATEX or IEC requirements or a strobe that meets NEC and CEC requirements, Appleton has the visual signaling device to fit your application.

Appleton's NEC and CEC enclosed and gasketed visual signal lighting provide energy efficient, low intensity, warning and communication, for use in areas exposed to moisture, dust and dirt, corrosive and hazardous atmospheres, and high temperatures
Appleton’s explosionproof strobe lights provide warning and communication signals in areas where an audible warning cannot be heard.