AHG and UNJ Flexible Fixture Hangers

Malleable Iron. Ball Type:15° Swing. Cushion Type: 8° Swing.
UNILETS® for Use with Threaded Rigid Metal Conduit and IMC.
Fixture Hangers for use in NEC and CEC Governed Locations. 



AHG enclosed and gasketed fixture hangers seal moisture and dirt out of the electrical system. They also incorporate a cushion type design to provide additional protection against vibration that could damage the fixture. UNJ fixture hangers are an economical choice for general purpose applications.


AHG and UNJ Flexible Fixture Hangers Catalog Pages


Applications Features Catalog Numbers
  • AHG cushion type fixture hangers are enclosed and gasketed – ideal where dust and dampness are present
  • UNJ ball type fixture hangers are for general purpose use


AHG and UNJ Flexible Fixture Hangers