Poles and Hangers

​Appleton offers a choice of flexible fixture hangers, poles and mounting brackets designed for use with of LED, HID, fluorescent and incandescent lighting fixtures. The offering includes both ordinary location and explosionproof versions certified for use in NEC and CEC governed locations.

Explosionproof Flexible Fixture Hangers
Appleton offers NEC and CEC Certified rigid, flexible and cushioned fixture hangers designed for hazardous locations. A variety of canopies, covers and accessories are available to accommodate different fixture types and stem lengths.
NEC, CEC Ordinary Location — Architectural Brackets and Poles
Appleton's poles and hangers for architectural lighting includes a choice of square and round poles, available in straight and tapered versions, and mounting brackets for floodlights and architectural lighting.
Ordinary Location Flexible Hangers
Appleton Group has basic hook and loop, ball or cushion fixture hangers. Outlet box, integral outlet box, and enclosed and gasketed versions are available to suit your ordinary location requirements