NEC, CEC, ATEX, IEC Emergency LED | Area Lighting

Enclosed and Gasketed.
Meets NEC, CEC, ATEC, IECEx and NBR IEC Requirements.

Appleton manufactures emergency LED luminaries that save energy costs with the most efficient lighting technology available in the marketplace. Save maintenance costs with LED luminaires that run for 60,000 hours – four times as long as pulse start metal halide. Count on reliable operation in harsh weather, extreme temperatures and rugged conditions. All while providing your workers the bright, consistent light they need to be safe and productive on the job.

Appleton’s N2LED enclosed and gasketed, non-metallic emergency lighting system provides illumination for safe egress through doors, aisle-ways, stairs, walkways, exit paths, and outer perimeter walls during interruption of normal power.
By combining emergency technology with a low profile housing Appleton’s NEC/CEC Viamaster™ LED Series emergency battery backup luminaire provides 90 minutes of light at up to 1250 lumens while running in emergency mode.