LED Luminaires

The advantages of Appleton LED luminaires make them a realistic choice for high-quality area, task and flood lighting.

LED fixtures...

  • have a life span of 60,000+ hours
  • can significantly reduce your energy costs for lighting
  • are the only non-incandescent lighting source that contains no mercury
  • have diodes instead og lamps (bulbs) that put out very little heat
  • do not have any degradation in the quality of light over the life of the diode
  • operate reliably in temperatures ranging from –40 °C (–40 °F) to as high as +55 °C (+131 °F)

The benefits of choosing LED luminaries are lower cooling costs, simplified maintenance and prolonged product life. LED lighting is here and the benefits it provides simply can’t be ignored. It is rapidly become the leading choice to replace many of today’s energy hungry industrial lighting systems. Appleton offers many choices of LED luminaries for Industrial, hazardous and ordinary locations.

Area lighting is an important part of any facility. Appleton has combines the benefits of LED lighting with the product innovations you have come to rely on for your area lighting needs.
Whether you are looking for a bulkhead, high bay or traditional floodlights, Appleton has the LED luminaire to suit your application needs.


LED Matrix 


LED Matrix