Induction Luminaires

Appleton Induction Luminaires.
Enclosed and Gasketed. 

Induction lamps are among the most energy efficient of lighting technologies providing up 100,000 hours of operation, so they are ideal for locations where relamping is difficult and reliability is critical. Induction systems offer a long life, virtually maintenance-free operation and instant start and restrike operation while providing excellent color rendering.   

Appleton’s Mercmaster III induction luminaire meets the NEC and CEC requirements for use indoors or out, in wet locations, adverse conditions, in hazardous or industrial areas. Because they are enclosed and gasketed, you will never have to worry about corrosion from chemicals or vapors. They have minimal lumen depreciation with no cycling at end of life. It is ideal for use in hazardous and adverse locations. ​

Appleton’s enclosed and gasketed Mercmaster III induction luminaires provide up to 100,000 hours lamp life, making them ideal for areas where access for relamping is difficult, reliability is essential and the environment is costly to maintain