NEC, CEC Enclosed and Gasketed

Enclosed and Gasketed Floodlighting for Years of Reliable Weather and Corrosion Resistant Performance.

Whether you need to light a marine dock, a building façade, an industrial facility or a public area such as a sporting venue or parking lot, enclosed and gasketed floodlights provide the weather tightness and corrosion resistance to perform reliably for years. Appleton offers high pressure sodium, pulse start metal halide and metal halide models in virtually any wattage, and many models are suitable for use in hazardous locations or marine environments.

Appleton’s Areamaster 1000 ordinary location floodlight is a highly efficient, integrally ballasted floodlight that provides weatherproof lighting for large general areas.
Appleton's Areamaster 250/400 ordinary location floodlights provides powerful, efficient, weatherproof lighting for medium and large areas in a compact size.
Appleton’s Beam-Master floodlights are used to illuminate large areas such as building facades, ship loading docks, truck terminals, security lighting, airports, athletic stadiums, sports fields