Mercmaster III 400 Luminaires

High Pressure Sodium and Pulse Start Metal Halide.
Listed for simultaneous exposure to combustible dusts and flammable gases or vapors.

  • NEC/CEC:
    Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D
    Class I, Zone 2, AEx nA nR IIC (Z2)
    Class I, Zone 2, Ex nR IIC (Z) - CSA* 
    Class I, Zone 2, AEx nR IIC (ZB)
    Class II, Division 1 and 2, Groups E, F, G
    Class III
    Simultaneous Exposure (Class I, Division 2/Class II, Division 1)
    Fixtures Outside Type (Saltwater)
    Type 4X

The Mercmaster™ III Series provides a wide selection of high quality enclosed and gasketed luminaires for use in demanding industrial environments and hazardous locations. The 400 series is ideal for industrial environments and wet locations where a medium to high mounting height is required.

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  • Enclosed and gasketed fixtures suitable for use in:
    • Marine and wet locations
    • Areas where flammable gases and vapors or combustible dusts are present under conditions defined by the National Electrical Code as Class I, Division 2; Class II, Division 1 and 2; and Class III
    • In applications involving medium and high mounting heights
    • In applications where energy efficient, high lumen output is required
    • Non-hazardous locations where severe weather conditions, excessive moisture, dirt, dust or corrosive atmospheres are encountered
  • Typical applications include:
    • Pulp and paper mills
    • Processing plants
    • Chemical plants
    • Oil refineries
    • Foundries
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Storage areas
    • Waste and sewage treatment
    • Other areas where dust, water, dirt and rough usage are a problem
* CSA Certification only.

Mercmaster III 400 Luminaires