HID Luminaires

HID (High Intensity Discharge).

Appleton manufactures HID area and floodlighting for the global marketplace. From the loading bays to the refining rooms, facilities across the world rely on lighting fixtures to safely illuminate the narrow catwalks, enclosed production floors and 24 hour docks that connect its four corners. Besides providing light, these critical fixtures must overcome the inherent challenges and threats of whatever environment they are installed.

HID lamps provide brighter light than fluorescent or incandescent lamps while increasing the visibility of peripheral objects. They are used for lighting large area and/or when a higher light intensity is required. HID lamps are available in a wide range of wattages and types such as HPS (high pressure sodium), PSMH (pulse start metal halide) and MH (metal halide).

Appleton's area HID's include a variety of HPS, PSMH and MH models in a range of wattages and voltages. They are available in enclosed and gasketed, explosionproof, restricted breathing, industrial and general loaction versions.
Appleton Group manufactures enclosed and gasketed lighting for applications for use virtually anywhere that weather, corrosion or hazardous vapors and dusts can be a problem