Lamp Protection

McGill Protect-O-Sleeves encase existing fluorescent tubes and protect the surrounding areas from broken glass in the event of breakage. They improve lighting efficiency in low ambient temperatures, and are available in UV filtering models to protect sensitive materials from UV damage.

McGill Protect-O-Globes provide similar, OSHA approved protection for incandescent and HID lamps. McGill wire lamp guards and grounding kits help prevent breakage and theft, and are OSHA approved. Tubeloc holders provide secure, shock resistant retention for fluorescent tubes.


McGill Protect-O-Globes protect lamps and the working environment with economical polycarbonate globes that are virtually unbreakable, ideal for the replacement of glass and wire guard combinations where incandescent or HID lamps are used.
McGill Protect-O-Sleeves are ideal for applications requiring ultra-violet light filtering such as museums, department stores and art galleries, where fluorescent lighting can deteriorate materials.
McGill Tubeloc holders securely position and hold tubes in fluorescent fixtures.
McGill lamp guards help prevent lamp breakage and theft; grounding kits ensure the lamps are grounded.