Spec Grade Insulated Grounding Bushing

For Threadless Rigid Metal Conduit and IMC.
Type SBLG. Copper Plus™ Lay-In-Lug™.

These O-Z/Gedney specification grade insulated bushings provide a grounding lug to allow for grounding of conduit through the insulated bushing. They help protect insulated conductors from abrasion during pulling or due to mechanical vibration, and provide a voltage gradient between the live conductors and ground at the point where conductor insulation is subjected to electrical and mechanical stress.

Specification Grade Insulated Grounding Bushings Catalog Page

Applications Features Catalog Numbers
  • Provide a compact means of grounding conduit through an insulated bushing
  • Protect insulated conductors from abrasion during pulling and mechanical vibration
  • Provide voltage gradient between line conductors and ground at point of electrical and mechanical stress on conductor insulation


SBLG Specification Grade Threadless Insulated Grounding Bushings