Ground Clamps

O-Z/Gedney offers a variety of ground clamps for use on cable trays, ground rods, pipes and tubing.

Ground Clamps Catalog Pages

Applications Features Catalog Numbers
  • Type CTGC is used on aluminum or copper conductors to terminate the ground wire to cable tray
  • Type GRC is used to ground a conductor to a driven ground rod and is suitable for direct burial
  • Type G features a standard built-in ground wire connector for connecting grounding conductors to cold water ground pipe in sizes 11∕4” through 12
  • Type GES flexible ground straps provide a flexible connection between ground hub and universal clamp
  • Type GH, GWA and GWD swivel types are for use with the universal ground clamps to connect grounding conductors run bare, in armor, or in conduit.
  • Type GF-19G is used connecting armored or bare grounding wire to ground pipe
  • Type G-50 heavy duty ground clamp with swivel is used as a hub for connecting grounding conductor (run in conduit) to ground pipe
  • Type GC is used for bare wire, Type GCA for armored cable, Type GCH with a conduit hub to ground a conductor to metallic pipe, tubing or ground rod
Ground Clamps