Tray-Bond Cable Tray Clamps

For Supporting Rigid Conduit, IMC and EMT to Cable Tray Flange.

O-Z/Gedney cable tray clamps are used for connecting and grounding rigid conduit, IMC, or EMT to cable trays. They secure and bond metal conduit (rigid steel or aluminum, IMC and EMT) to the side rails of steel or aluminum cable trays without drilling or welding the tray.

Tray-Bond Cable Tray Clamps Catalog Page

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  • Supports rigid conduit to cable tray flange at each location where cable exits the tray and is run through rigid conduit raceway to control panel boards, motor starters and other electrical devices
  • Electrically bonds the tray to the conduit
  • On the 1-1⁄2" through 4" sizes, conduits can attach to the tray from any angle up to 120°, allowing large power or control cables to be routed easily


Tray-Bond Cable Tray Clamps