Industrial Fittings

A Complete Selection of Fittings for Use in NEC and CEC Industrial Locations.

Appleton Group provides a complete selection of conduit bodies, outlet boxes, device boxes, cable glands and other fittings for both industrial and ordinary locations. A variety of materials and styles are available to suit your needs for weather and corrosion-resistance.

The right fittings make the job easier while ensuring a safe, durable electrical system. This is not the place to cut corners. Whether you are wiring an office building or manufacturing facility, Appleton Group has all the top quality components you need.

Appleton Group’s cable and cord fittings include cable tray conduit clamps and liquidtight strain relief connectors. They are approved for use in NEC and CEC governed locations.
Appleton Group offers the industry’s most extensive selections and options of ordinary conduit bodies and boxes. We are the single source for all the fittings required to complete any job.
Appleton Group’s industrial conduit fittings include Rigid, IMC and EMT Fittings, Rigid and IMC Conduit Fittings, Grounding Fittings and Ordinary Location Metal Clad Cable Connectors for use in NEC and CEC Governed locations.

TMC2X Connectors
Revolutionary explosionproof protection from Appleton