In-Line Heater

Inside-the-Pipe Freeze Protection for Potable Water Applications.

When potable water is acquired directly from a lake, reservoir or spring, and the water supply line is at risk of freezing, the In-Line Heater helps ensure a reliable water supply. With a user-friendly plug-in installation, the In-Line Heater is an inside-the-pipe heating cable that provides an economical method to help maintain running water in 1¼-inch PE pipes all winter long (adaptors for 1-inch pipes are available). It can be used in insulated pipes and will not melt through the pipe if dryout occurs. The energy-saving thermostat includes a built-in ground fault circuit interrupter.

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  • Preventing freezing of water supply in cottages, homes and barns that use a lake, reservoir or spring for their potable water


In-Line Heater