Freeze Free Heating Cables

Freeze Protection for Residential Water Supply and Drain Pipes. Self-Regulating, Cut-to-Length.

Freeze Free® self-regulating pipe heating cables provide flexible protection against pipe freeze-ups in the most challenging applications. Freeze Free’s cut-to-length technology is ideal for installations that require protection of numerous pipes of varied lengths. Using Freeze Free cable, plumbers and building contractors can install self-regulating protection on each pipe at the exact length needed.

Freeze Free® self-regulating pipe cables automatically vary heat output according to changes in the surrounding temperature, protecting plastic and metal water pipes against freezing down to –51°C/–60°F. A braided metal jacket provides electrical grounding as well as protection against damage in dry locations. Reels of 100, 300 and 500 feet are available, and the cable can be cut to length as needed. Prepackaged lengths of 5 and 15 feet are also available. Freeze Free cables are rated at 3 watts per foot, 120 Vac at 10°C/50°F. Circuit lengths are 3 feet minimum and 75 feet maximum. Cables are UL Listed to US and Canadian Safety Standards and CSA Certified.

Freeze Free Heating Cables Catalog Pages

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  • Residential metal or plastic water supply and drain pipes vulnerable to freezing
  • Water supply lines underneath manufactured homes
  • Cottages, barns and outbuildings that are not regularly used


Freeze Free Heating Cables