In-Pipe Freeze Protection System

​The In-Pipe Freeze Protection System protects supply and drain lines from freezing by maintaining liquid water down to -40° F (-40° C).  This system can be installed in both plastic and metal pipes up to 6” diameter, and withstands pressure up to 60 PSIG.  This system is approved to be used on potable drinking water or process water.  Typical applications include cottages, resorts, trailer homes, rural homes, sump pump drain lines, mines, barns and farms, or any water supply line that is drawn from a well or lake.

Contents include the SR or TSR self-regulating cables and ILSR connection kit. The SL-3 thermostat is optional and purchased separately.  


In-Pipe Freeze Protection System Catalog Page

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  • Prevents water lines from freezing down to -40°F (-40°C).
  • Drain or pressurized supply lines.
  • Approved for potable drinking water or process water.
  • Use in metal or plastic pipes.
  • Use in ¾” to 6” diameter pipes.
  • Withstands water pressure up to 60 PSIG.