Residential Floor Warming and Heating

Trusted residential floor warming solutions to fit your individual needs.

Warm Tiles electric floor warming cables and prefabricated warming mats have been keeping stone, ceramic and engineered wood flooring comfortable for over 40 years. Our systems are easily installed over plywood, concrete or cement backerboard subflooring, and can be embedded in thinset or self-leveling underlayment. Out-of-the-box or custom, Warm Tiles has a complete solution for your floor heating needs. Explore our floor warming products below, including accessories, cable systems, thermostats and ultra thin or self-adhesive mats.

For customer service or technical support, please call 1-800-537-4732.

EasyHeat's Warm Tiles Electric Floor Warming Cable for Uncoupling Membrane was specially designed to be used with all available uncoupling membranes. This makes it the easy-to-install, reliable solution for your floor warming project.
Floor warming line voltage thermostats are dual-voltage and energy-efficient to maintain the perfect floor temperature. Both programmable and non-programmable models have built-in GFCI protection.
Warm Tiles has a wide array of accessories including electric fault indicators, relay kits, replacement clips, strapping, concrete tape, repair kits and much more to address your needs
DFT floor warming cables designed to supply plenty of warmth (up to 16W/ft2) and provide ultimate freedom in warming floors regardless of the layout. Cables come as pre-assembled kits, depending on the coverage area, ready to be installed.
Super thin mats designed for indoor floor warming applications (emitting up to 15W/ft2 of heat) with the least impact on floor height while reducing the installation time and labor. Standard sizes and custom configurations available.
Floor warming self-adhesive mats are ideally suited for rectangular areas, multi-unit applications, or expansive rooms, providing up to 15W/ft2 of heat and come in standard 20in-wide rolls. Fast and easy installation.

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