Roof and Gutter Controls

Nelson Heat Trace controls help detect and manage snow and moisure on your roof, gutter and downspouts.

Applications Specification Sheets Manual
  • The SMAS-1 Aerial Moisture Sensor detects falling or blowing snow coming in contact with the sensor grid, then sends a signal to the SMMC-3 Control Panel to energize heating equipment (snow melting, de-icing cables, etc.).

  • The SMGS-1 Gutter Moisture Sensor detects moisture on roofs and in gutters. Roof moisture detection is made with the unique sensor wire design; gutter moisture detection is made by the sensing grid on the bottom of the SMGS-1 housing.

  • The SMMC-3 Control Panel manages snow and ice melting systems for sidewalks, driveways, gutters and downspouts.

  • The SMTS-1 sensor measures temperatures and is placed in the area that best represents the outdoor temperature conditions. 
Nelson Heat Trace
Roof and Gutter Controls