Industrial Roof and Gutter De-Icing

For industrial grade protection against ice dam formation on roofs, gutters and downspouts, look to our selection of cut-to-length, and pre-terminated heating cables. Nelson Heat Trace offer a wide range of choices in terms of voltage, power and construction, including mineral insulated cables that provide exceptional protection of the heating element. Solutions are available for corrosive and hazardous locations, along with all the accessories you need for a simple installation and the controls your customers need to operate the system easily and reliably.
Nelson Heat Trace MI Series Heating Cables, Applications where the liquids piped during processing require elevated maintain temperatures, Snow melting of paved surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, loading ramps, Floor warming
HC450, HC4X50 and HC750 contactors are used with MI Series heating cables and controls
Nelson Heat Trace controls help detect and manage snow and moisure on your roof, gutter and downspouts.
Nelson Heat Trace SLT-D downspout hanger, SLT-C universal roof clips and SLT-RC roof clips are used to complete the installation of roof and gutter de-icing cables
Nelson Heat Trace SLT Series Heating Cables, Commercial and residential roof and gutters prone to ice damming and dangerous icicles, Downspouts that freeze and clog
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