Industrial Pipe Tracing

Our selection of pipe tracing cables and controls includes solutions for every industrial heating application. We offer the power densities you require at the voltages you use to maintain the heat levels you require. We build cables that keep water flowing at ambient temperatures as low as ‑40°C/‑40°F, and cables that withstand temperatures up to 593°C/1100°F. We supply cables and controls suitable for damp, corrosive and hazardous locations. Nelson Heat Trace offers cables in extended, continuous lengths. We provide software and expertise to make selecting the right pipe tracing solution easy.
Nelson Heat Trace CLT Series Heating Cables, Freeze protection for water supply, drainage, fire protection, dust suppression, sprinkler and piping systems, both metallic and nonmetallic, Maintaining fluid flow under low ambient temperatures
Nelson Heat Trace HLT Series Heating Cables provide freeze protection for metallic pipes that are periodically steam cleaned and maintain the temperature and viscosity of piped liquids
Nelson Heat Trace LLT Series Heating Cables are for use with transfer lines from loading and unloading platforms, tank farm piping systems and pipe racks
Nelson Heat Trace LT Series Heating Cables provide freeze protection and temperature maintenance of pipes, vessels, fire protection and dust suppression systems, condensate return systems, fuel oil lines and lubrication systems
Nelson Heat Trace MI Series Heating Cables, Applications where the liquids piped during processing require elevated maintain temperatures, Snow melting of paved surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, loading ramps
Nelson Heat Trace connection kits for heating cables. Nelson's power connections, splice connections and tee connections are made for specific applications, regions and locations.
Nelson Heat Trace