VM-1 Microprocessor-Based Voltage Monitoring

Supply Voltage Monitoring for Heating Cables and Panels. Also Provides Alarm when Ground Fault Breakers are Tripped. Ordinary and Hazardous Locations.

The VM-1 continually monitors the supply voltage to both series and parallel styles of electric heat tracing cables and panels. The system can monitor voltage at the individual branch breaker or can act as an annunciator panel for control system alarm status. When used in conjunction with ground fault branch breakers, the VM-1 also serves as an automatic alarm system when the heating system is de-energized due to a tripped breaker.

The microprocessor-based scanner systematically compares programmed values with actual data from voltage input cards capable of monitoring up to 12 circuits each. The status of each circuit is displayed using high-visibility LEDs. Multiple VM-1 systems throughout your facility can also be connected to a central PC to provide centralized alarm status and acknowledgement.

Configurations are available to monitor up to 48 different heating circuits with a voltage range from 85 to 300 Vac. The VM-1 itself requires 120 Vac power. The system operates in ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C/-40°F to 55°C/130°F. A NEMA 4 or 4X enclosure can be used for either wall or rack mounting, and all standard VM-1 models are FM Approved and CSA Certified for use in ordinary and Division 2 hazardous locations.

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VM-1 Microprocessor-Based Voltage Monitoring System