Commercial Thermostats

For automatic control of heating cables and panels, we offer mechanical thermostats that respond to ambient temperature or the temperature at the pipe. For finer control than can be achieved with an On/Off thermostat, we also offer microprocessor based temperature controls that include features such as remote temperature probes, temperature alarms, heater monitoring and communications. Models are available for ordinary, corrosive and hazardous locations in a variety of voltages and temperature ranges to suit any requirement.
EasyHeat Thermostats, intended for temperature control of a variety of electric heating cables and applications, EasyHeat’s commercial pipe tracing controls are UL Listed and CSA Certified
Nelson Heat Trace TA Series Thermostats automatically switch on the heating cable system when the ambient temperature reaches the freezing point
Nelson Heat Trace TE Series Temperature Controls are pipe-sensing controls for high-temperature piping freeze protection and process maintenance in ordinary and hazardous locations.
Nelson TF Series Thermostats are for heat trace temperature control in ordinary location
Nelson Heat Trace TH Series Thermostats provide affordable automatic on/off switching of heating cables for freeze protection and temperature maintenance of piped liquids in ordinary and corrosive locations



Nelson Heat Trace