MI Series Snow Melting Heating Cables

High Performance, Industrial-Grade Heating Cable for Freeze Protection and Temperature Maintenance of Pipes, Tanks, Vessels and Snow/Ice Removal for Paved Surfaces. Ordinary and Hazardous Locations, Constant Wattage, Pre-Terminated.

Nelson Heat Trace MI Series cables provide protection for a wide variety of applications where high temperature, high power output, rugged construction or extended heater life are required. These fixed-resistance, constant-wattage cables are provided in pre-terminated lengths with factory-sealed connections.

MI Trace Commercial Snow Melt Cables Catalog Page

Applications Features Specification Sheet Manual
  • Applications where the liquids piped during processing require elevated maintain temperatures
  • Applications where the heater is routinely exposed to high operating temperatures
  • Snow melting of paved surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, loading ramps
  • Roof and gutters challenged with ice damming and dangerous icicles
  • Under-tank and foundation heating

Nelson Heat Trace

MI Series Heating Cables