PSR Heating Cables

Freeze Protection for Water Supply and Drain Pipes. Ice Abatement for Roofs, Gutters and Downspouts. Self-Regulating, Pre-Terminated.

PSR heating cables are ready-to-use self-regulating cables in pre-terminated lengths from 6 to 100 feet. Suitable for both light commercial and residential applications, PSR cables are a top-of-the line solution for protecting water pipes against freeze-up in cold climates, or for abating roof, gutter and downspout ice dams.

PSR is a parallel resistance, self-regulating cable provided in pre-terminated lengths with factory sealed connections.


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  • Commercial and residential metal or plastic water supply and drain pipes vulnerable to freezing
  • Commercial and residential roof and gutters prone to ice damming and dangerous icicles
  • Downspouts that freeze and clog

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PSR Heating Cables