EasyHeat Roof Gutter Kits and Accessories

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  • SRP Power Connection Kit can be used to connect power to all versions of Easy Heat’s SRTrace® heating cables for pipe tracing applications or Easy Heat’s SR51J and SR52J heating cables for roof and gutter deicing applications.


  • SRES End Seal Kit is for use with all versions of EasyHeat's SR heater cables for pipe tracing and roof and gutter applications and for end-of-line termination/sealing.


  • SRSRG Splice Kit is for use with all of  EasyHeat's SR Trace heater cables in pipe trace and roof and gutter de-icing applications.


  • ZH-C Roof De-Icing Cable Clips are designed to fasten heater cables to most types of roof and gutter materials.
EasyHeat Kits and Accessories